Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Splitting time between  kids, husband and home while trying to build a photography business is no easy task!  It is incredibly time-consuming but I think that anything great requires hard work, so that’s what I keep telling myself. The late nights processing photos (I often pull all nighters), the enormous amount of information you have to sift through to learn something new is all quite tedious, not to mention when you come across a site of a fellow photographer whose work is spectacular, suddenly become discouraged and wonder… “what makes me think I’m good enough…am I good enough?”

Then reason starts to set in and I start to remind myself of my goals (Rome wasn’t built-in a day).  My goal is to get there “eventually” not today. Everything is a process and my God says there is a “time for everything”.  My job is to put one foot in front of the other and trust that all things will come together for good. After all, that is his promise.  So today, I choose to trust. I will continue shooting, processing and changing diapers too!  I must see this through because only then will I get to see all that’s been planned for me.

I can see little bits and pieces here and there, “little opportunities” where I’m being led in the right direction. I recently had the privilege of attending a family member’s wedding and the photographer came over to snap a photo of my beautiful little girl.  I simply asked him “What are you shooting with?” (it was dark so I couldn’t tell).   A simple question opened the door for a conversation about photography and he presented the opportunity to work with him.  Despite all my reserves, I said yes because I know that learning hands on will be far better than any class I can take and let’s be honest, less expensive.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to be thrown into the pool and in the past I have risen to the challenge. There is no room for fear if you want to achieve success in anything you go for it!

In my quest to get myself out there,  I recently found a pretty neat outlet for selling my artwork called Fine Art America. They are found in my portfolio under Gallery 2  if you have time to check it out.  I would love any feedback from my fellow artists/photographers so feel free to leave a comment about which ones you like the best and which ones maybe not so much.

God Bless!


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