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Last year our family took a trip up to Orlando. We decided to visit the Disney Village one night and of course, I had my brand new camera with me.  My daughter was only about four months old at the time and we’d often have to make the usual pit stop wherever we were to heat up milk or change “the diaper”.  I saw a restaurant within the village that was close by and was convenient for milk getting. It had these fun lights hanging outside where people could sit and eat. I remember thinking how pretty it must look when it’s totally dark… Dec2012_044


When I went around to go inside, I was given a wonderfully artistic surprise. There was some incredibly unique decor at the entrance. I immediately took some shots.  I can say, that I have never seen this type of decor before, least of all,  in a public place. I loved the rustic feel of it and was completely drawn to everything about it..the colors, words, meaning etc.  Since I wasn’t sure how I wanted to process the photos, they just kind of sat in the pile.  You know how it is, then time passes and other photographs become more important so you never seem to get back to the older images.  Can anyone relate?

Hopefully,  my little post will inspire you to go back and pick one photo you would like to resurrect from that long-lost pile of images.  Find your lost treasure!  Post it either here, your own blog, or another photo sharing site and provide a link for our viewing pleasure.  Have fun!

God Bless,



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