Children’s Photography

As a photographic artist I can best describe my style as “everyday-art”. As your custom photographer, I want to document who your child is rather than just the cute outfit they have on. Sure, outfits are important but they only tell part of the story. I shy away from the typical forced smile and poses. I capture genuine moments, not shying away from artistic cropping, moody lighting, black & whites, digital backgrounds and pictures of non-smiling children. After all, some of those are the best right?

It’s my belief that there is art in everyday life, waiting to be found and a toothless smile or some messy hair can make an image unique and perfect.

Before booking your session please browse through my galleries to get a feel for my personal style and if I am the right photographer for your family.

Important details, such as what to wear, and so forth, will be discussed at length in a pre-session information packet. This packet will be mailed to you after booking your session. I look forward to working with you!

Images are the sole property of Maibel Ziello and are protected by copyright law.  Do not use any images for personal or commercial use without consent from the owner.


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